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Leasing A Horse

Leasing a Horse can be an affordable  way for a beginner to start learning how to ride and care for a horse properly.  Leasing a horse is generally more affordable than owning a horse. When you lease a horse, you typically choose between a half or a full lease. Depending on how the lease contract is written, the horse’s owner may contribute toward costs like veterinary and farrier bills.  Leasing a horse means that you’ll be able to ride the same horse every time.  This can be very beneficial, especially if you’re working towards a goal, like a successful horse show season. When you ride the same horse, you’ll learn how to best communicate and work with that horse. You may find that you become a more confident rider, and that you enjoy riding even more when you focus your work on a single horse. 

At Total Equine Services, we have several horses available for lease at different price ranges.  All leases include use of the horse on site for any pleasure riding, as well as events that take place at our facility.  

For more detailed information on horses and lease agreements, please contact Holly at 405.880.1787